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You want a wedding photographer who makes you look and feel like a rock star, no matter how awkward you say you are in front of a camera (I promise I'll prove you wrong).

You're looking for a stress-free experience and a photographer who is prepared for literally anything that can occur on a wedding day.

You hate the stiff/posey photos and need a photographer who not only makes you feel comfortable, but will capture your personalities.

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You need photos that allow you to relive the night (it goes by so quickly!), and a photographer who is just as excited about your wedding day as you.

You're torn because you want the best of both worlds: you want a photographer who will give you a good mix of candid and traditional - and also the "Holy sh!t!  That photo is insane - how did you do that?!"

Are you nodding your head in agreement reading this?!

If so, hello there!  I'm Alex, and I would love to be your wedding photographer.

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Trusting someone with your memories is a massive commitment that I don’t take lightly.  I hope you'll let my past clients reassure you that I am the real deal.

"If the rating scale was out of 100 stars, we would not hesitate to give Alex all 100 of those stars."

- April & Matthew

"After seeing our wedding photos, I am not entirely convinced that Alex doesn't have super powers!"

- Lindsey

"Is there a 10 star option?  Literally - these photos are jaw dropping."

- Kristina

"If I could give more stars, I absolutely would! Alex is without a doubt the most talented photographer out there."

- Laura

"I don’t have the words to describe the beauty of the pictures Alex took. Splurge on Alex."

- Kiana

"If you are having a major life event & need a photographer, stop your search & don’t bother looking anywhere else."

- Ivy

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