Winter LGBTQ Wedding at Belle Mer in Newport Rhode Island

Jan 3, 2023

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What a way to ring in the New Year than a winter wedding on January First! That’s just what Erin & Colleen did at the stunning oceanfront venue Belle Mer in Newport Rhode Island.

This wedding has a particularly special place in my heart – just a few months before my dad suddenly passed away, Colleen experienced the same heart break with her Dad also suddenly passing away. Her dad Bri was excited for the wedding and would tell everyone it was the event of the century for him. I really loved all the way Colleen and Erin honored “Big Bri” throughout the day – from first looks with her family members, to family members wearing his suspenders and watch, to a seat being saved at the ceremony for him, to both Colleen and Erin deciding to walk down the aisle alone – you could feel what a big presence this man had and how much he was loved and missed.

For winter in New England, we were lucky with it not being super cold outside for Erin and Colleens emotional first look with each other – I absolutely adored that they also wanted to include their wedding party for this moment and had a specific vision of how they wanted the moment to unfold. These made for some special candid photos of everyone that I adore. We then took some couples portraits of Colleen and Erin with Belle Mer’s signature white wall and ocean background.

We then headed inside for a few more portraits before their ceremony. One benefit of having your wedding at Belle Mer is that no matter what the season or the weather you know it will be stunning! Colleen and Erin decided to use a lot of greenery and candles to decorate their ceremony and their reception tables – so simple yet timeless and elegant! The ceremony it self was filled with so much emotion – I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house. You really could feel the love these ladies have for each other and all the obstacles they had to overcome to get to this day.

We used some of the cocktail hour to get wedding party photos of each bride’s special people and then took the rest of the time to capture their reception details. I will never forget the roar of the guests and the energy in the room when the brides descended the stairs to enter their reception for the first time after being introduced as Mrs & Mrs. After some heart felt speeches, Erin had a special dance with her brother and Colleen paid tribute to her father with officially opening up the dance floor with his favorite song.

We went outside once again to capture a sparkler exit and create some rain photos before Colleen and Erin changed into their reception attire! I love that you can feel the happiness exuding from both of these ladies in these photos and that those moments are captured and frozen in time forever!

Colleen & Erin – I can’t thank you enough for choosing me to photograph your day and trust me with documenting all these special moments. You both have a big place in my heart and I can’t wait until our paths cross again soon!

Venue: Belle Mer
Photography: Alexsandra Wiciel Photography
Florals: Illex Flowers
Dress: Vows Bridal 

Invitation Suite: Hobart and Haven

Band: Radiance Band

Hair: Cassandra Broccoli // Jennifer Tawa

Make Up: Dani Wagener Beauty // Shelby White

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