Summer Wedding at 1854 the Commons in Massachusetts - Alexsandra Wiciel Photography

Summer Wedding at 1854 the Commons in Massachusetts

Molly & Wes

Summer in New England is always a great time to get married but the end of July is extra special at 1854 the Commons because their hydrangea bushes are fully in bloom! When Covid forced Molly & Wes to change their original wedding plans, they decided to host their wedding celebrating at 1854 the Commons instead and I am so happy they did. Not only are those hydrangea bushes fully in bloom and look like something out of Alice in Wonderland but the all white venue itself is full of different areas to create images in! The venue itself also had a special meaning to the couple since Molly’s brother got married there a few years prior!

I absolutely loved Molly’s boho lace dress paired with a cathedral length gown. She also chose to have her bridesmaids in different shades of green which couldn’t have looked better in this garden setting. The quick ceremony was held outdoors and their daughter made the cutest flower girl ever! After the ceremony was done, we were able to take sometime during cocktail hour to create some portraits during golden hour and they look like stills from a movie – I will never be over those!

Molly absolutely loves candles so for her reception she decorated her tables with a bunch of white candles for the centerpiece – so timeless and classic!

Thank you Molly & Wes from remembering me back from a wedding you went to in 2016!! And still choosing me to capture your wedding day almost 5 years later <3

Venue: 1854 The Commons
Photography: Alexsandra Wiciel Photography
Dress: Madeline’s Daughter
Flowers: Fleur + Stich
Band: Silver Arrow Band
Cake: Short & Sweet Bakery
Make Up: Jeremy Anaya
Hair : Libby O’Donoghue

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