Jewish Wedding at the Greenery in New Hampshire

Jan 10, 2023

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Just a few months before their wedding, Erica and Hiam reached out to me to photograph their day at one of New Hampshire’s newest and best wedding venues, The Greenery. They had originally planned their lavish wedding in Israel but COVID had kept pushing those plans so in just two months they put together one of the most elaborate and fun Jewish weddings I have ever been a part of!

I arrived to their hotel in downtown Portsmouth to get some last minute getting ready photos of Erica and her bridesmaids before heading over to their venue just a short drive away from Portsmouth to photograph the rest of their details. When I first arrived at the Greenery my mouth drop and I was in awe of this venues beauty. It was middle of September and their gardens were fully bloomed and butterflies were flying around everywhere – it was TRULY magical! Then I stepped foot into the all white barn decorated with disco balls and simple greenery! So stunning! The bridal suite had great light for Erica to put on her dress and we chose to do Erica & Hiam’s first look in the orchards that surround the venue! After the first look, we also did all the wedding party, family, bridesmaids, & groomsmen photos so Erica & Hiam could spend most of their cocktail hour with their guests. They were also able to bring their dog along for portraits and he even got to be a part of the ceremony!

Before the ceremony, we went inside to go sign the Ketubah which is an important and beautiful document in Jewish marriages. After that, the ceremony begins! Since Hiam owns a juicing business, he had juices available for their guests to enjoy before and during their ceremony that were delicious on their own or you could add in a shot of your favorite alcohol. I really adored that they chose to do jewel toned flower colors for their chuppah which carried on into their reception space!

I have never seen a cocktail hour end in fireworks but every part of Erica & Hiam’s wedding was exciting! We even decided to pop Champagne during the fireworks for photos! Then guests headed into the reception tent for dinner, first dances, and the Horah! The tent was adorned with even more greenery, tall blue candles, ornate gold plates, and more beautiful jewel toned flowers!

As guests were transitioning from dinner in the tent to dancing and dessert in the barn, they had cold sparklers that went off every few seconds as just another added surprise!

Erica & Hiam – I cannot thank you enough for choosing me to capture your day and I am anxiously awaiting our next adventure together in Kenya!!

Venue: The Greenery
Planner: Free Spirits Event Co
Photography: Alexsandra Wiciel Photography
Hair & Make Up: Ashley from Katie Walsh Glam
Florals: Courtney Reid Designs
Wedding Dress Designer: Martina Liana
Dress Purchased from: Vows Bridal
Invitations: Minted
Shoes: Badgley Mischka

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