Portsmouth NH Wedding on the Gundalow

Jan 10, 2023

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Portsmouth NH Wedding on the Gundalow

Summer weddings in Portsmouth New Hampshire are a dream, the weather is nice, Prescott Park Gardens are in full bloom, the sun is out for a long time, but add in your wedding venue being a on a sail boat and you get one of the most picturesque unique weddings!

Ashley (who is a fellow wedding photographer) met Adrian during the height of the pandemic at target! You truly can find everything there – within a year they were engaged and started planning their wedding! This celebration in downtown Portsmouth New Hampshire was the first and the second they chose to have a destination wedding in Punta Cana at Majestic Resorts.

The couple got ready at the Hampton Inn in downtown Portsmouth and chose to exchange heartfelt letters before a teary eyed first look! We then headed to Prescott Park Gardens right at the heart of downtown for some family, couple, and wedding party portraits before boarding the Gundalow which boards adjacent to Prescott Park. Having their ceremony on a boat was also special because Ashley is in the Navy!

They exchanged vows in the middle of sea in front of their closest family and friends. Then their family and friends gave toasts of well wishes along with emotional speeches before they shared their first dance as Mr & Mrs! We then got to take more portraits during golden hour while guests enjoyed beverages and charcuterie! I still cannot believe how stunning the golden hour light was that day! It looked like something you’d see on the West Coast not the East Coast!

Ashley & Adrian – I am so lucky to have been there to capture this day for you but even luckier to call you good friends <3

Venue: Gundalow Boats
Photography: Alexsandra Wiciel Photography
Shoes: Christian Louboutin

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